Does your last Pack Holiday seem like a distant and fabulous memory? 

Are you needing something to look forward to, to get through those darker evening at the end of the year?

Now is a good time to think about planning your 2024 OR 2025 holiday.  Read on to find out why:


I’ll let you into a little secret.  We have a huge number of repeat guests at Pack Holidays.   Lots and lots of Pack Holidays guests book well in advance  and book time and time again. They know where they like and what they like! 

And I am so, so delighted that we have a large number of lovely people who come time and time again.

Some cottages for 2024 are well on the way to being very full! As it gets towards Christmas and New Year, it does tend to get very busy with future bookings.  So being prepared and securing the cottage of your choice to suit you and your dogs is very good planning indeed.

Here are some things to think about when planning ahead:

  1. Location.  Do you want to a short walk to the beach or in the country
  2. Garden security:  How high does the garden fencing need to be for your dog
  3. Reactive rating.  Check our Reactive Friendly Ratings to see what suits your dog best
  4.  Do you have specific dates?  Then do check Pack Holidays Cottage Availability Calendar where you can find all cottages and dates in one place

The further ahead you book, the more likely it is that you’ll wake up in the perfect cottage for you and your dogs’ needs. 


Booking your Pack Holiday well in advance means that there is more time to pay for your holiday and less stress in paying a lump sum

Take advantage of Pack Holidays support in welcoming you to spread the cost of your holiday across as many months as you want.  As long as your full balance payment is made by 6 weeks before your holiday, this can all help to make life a little easier.  

You can pay in instalments by card on your Guest Login (do let me know if you want this set up) or pay in instalments by BACS (I will always send you a receipt for payments made!)


Costs continue to rise every year.  We all feel this.   We have had interest rate rises, energy rises and food cost rises impacting us all.  Here at Pack Holidays, we are very aware of this, and our lovely owners consider very carefully each year only incremental rises to cover their costs too, given their overheads.

We have never used (and never will), the policy of ‘Dynamic Pricing’ (which inflates prices on a daily basis.  So you can book your Pack Holiday in advance knowing that prices are not going to fluctuate driven by a ‘bot’ or widget watching the UK self catering market.

Each cottage is assessed individually and by each owner (and me!) to give you a fair price for fair product 


I have some cottages who welcome a low booking deposit to book your first Pack Holiday

Snowdrop Cottage in Winterton

 Heath Cottage in Hickling

 Granby Cottage in Tideswell in the Peak District

 Fenside in Sea Palling

Greenwood Barn in Ridlington

All of these cottages welcome bookings with a £100 booking deposit (and of course you can spread the cost of your balance payment throughout the year)

For our lovely regular guests, you know that you can rebook your next Pack Holiday with a very low £50 deposit!!


If you have been on a Pack Holiday before, you will know that certain cottages offer a Repeat bookers discount.  Do check that email I send you at the end of your holiday!  If the cottage of your choice offers you a repeat bookers discount, you will find it in your exit email and a voucher code to quote when booking your next Pack Holiday at that cottage.  (Do remember to tell me as I may forget 😉 😉)


If you are booking with others and you want two cottages, you can take advantage of a discount by booking two (or three) cottages together!  Snowdrop and Primrose Cottage offer a 10% discount If booking the two together for the same week and The Dairy, The Coach House and Stable Cottage in Marshgate offer a 10% discount if booking all three (or 5% discount for booking two together)


The further ahead you book your Pack Holiday, the more time you’ll have to save for those special days out – maybe trips to a local dog field, the evenings out at a dog welcoming pub.  Set up a separate account maybe, to hide away a few pounds now and again and then rest easy knowing its all planned ahead


Its all booked and ready for you. Plenty time to think about what you would like for your Pack Holiday

Here are some things you have plenty time to consider

  1.  Do you need a dog buggy (pre order it with me!)
  2. Do you need crates for your dog (again pre order it with me!
  3. Do you want an afternoon tea or cake on arrival (give me a shout)
  4. Do you want to book a supermarket delivery to be unpacked and ready and waiting for your arrival?  No problem
  5. Do you need raw dog food ordered and delivered ready for your arrival.  No worries, I can give you advice on local places to contact 
  6. Check the provisions – plenty time to ask me about hair dryers, cafetieres, washing lines or whatever it is you need to have
  7. Do you have someone with limited mobility and need to find local suppliers – no worries, plenty time to ask


Its all booked, breath that sigh of contentment and satisfaction.  That job is all ticked off your list and no pressure.

No fear of missing out on your perfect dog welcoming holiday and all the excitement preparing for enjoying it!

Have a look at what we have to offer for 2024 and 2025