A ‘pawfect howliday’ at

Pack Holidays!

Fancy a fabulously dog welcoming holiday for you and your pack?  We welcome one to unlimited dogs here at Pack Holidays and they’re ALWAYS free of charge!  Our mantra always is ”bring your pack with you”.

Pack Holidays – the pawfect ‘howliday’ for dogs and their owners!!!


With a Pack Holiday you get…

Our Unique 'Reactive Ratings' On ALL Cottages!

All our properties are verified as completely dog friendly with our specialist rating so you can see exactly which cottage is best for you and your dog’s needs.  No matter how reactive they are!

Dogs stay FREE

It’s in our ethos that dogs are always welcome free of charge.  Always!  Whether you bring one or 15!!

All Properties Verified Dog Friendly

I have Reactive Friendly dog ratings for each cottage.  All ratings have explanations to allow you to see clearly what cottage is best for you and your dogs needs.

Welcome Pack for Hoomans and Dogs!

At each of our cottages we have a welcome pack for visiting hoomans (it can vary from cottage to cottage, so do ask).  I also provide a doggy welcome pack of treats to warmly welcome your dogs.

Dog Friendly Information Pack

It couldn’t be easier with our online Guest Login where you can find information on dog walks, dog friendly cafes and restaurants. You can pay your balance on line (and in instalments too!) and plan your dog friendly holiday to a T!

Find Your Perfect Multi Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage

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Search all our holiday properties simultaniously by date.

Reactive Dog 2 Star

2 Star Reactive Dog Friendly

Enclosed gardens, in a town or large village setting.  Detail on surrounding area which makes it a 2 star reactive friendly property

Reactive Dog 3 Star

3 Star Reactive Dog Friendly

Secure gardens, generally in quiet or rural areas.  Detail on surrounding area which makes it a top rated 3 star property

Focus on Beaches!!!!!!

Garden at Ha'Penny Cottage


Winterton has been given an overall fabulous top Reactive Friendly rating of 3 by our fabulous guests.  It is perfect for timid, shy or dog-reactive pooches.

The large expanse of the beach and the utter dog friendliness of the beach, combined with the almost always deserted view, means it is a perfect place to bring a reactive dog.

Some guests have found that even on New Years Day (which can be a traditionally busy time), the beach was deserted and not a single soul was seen on the whole walk.

The deep and vast dunes (on the way to the beach) is usually very, very quiet, due to lots of different walk ways and great views on all side to see approaching people and dogs.


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Map of Holiday Cottages


Do I need to bring basics like tea and milk?

All cottages provide tea, coffee and milk and also provide a hooman welcome pack but do ask Gail about that, as the welcome pack will differ depending on the cottage of your choice

Is there a good vets nearby?

There are several fabulous vets.   Bridge Vets in Wroxham, Broadland Vets in Stalham, Toll Barn and WestOver Vets in North Walsham.    There are details of your nearest vets in your chosen holiday cottage and online in your Guest Login 🙂 🙂 

Is there a limit on the number of dogs allowed?

Dog numbers are all dependent on the size and space in each cottage. The number of dogs welcome (all free of charge, mind!) is noted clearly on each cottage website page and you can search by dog numbers on our website too. But do ask Gail if any concerns and remember, we can be flexible!!!

Ready To Book Your Very Dog Friendly Pack Holiday With Your Pack?

Click below to have a browse of our very dog friendly cottages, where all dogs are welcome free of charge, no breed or size restrictions are in place and all dogs are warmly welcomed with open arms (or paws!!).