Our ‘Pack Leading’ Price Policy

Dec 17, 2023

Looking After YOU!

Why Am I So Passionate About Our Pack Guests?

For a start, I’ve been in your shoes many times and I absolutely understand the need for good quality, excellent value, dog welcoming (note welcoming 😀 😀 ) cottages.
As a single lady, I also understand the challenge of picking up the cost of a break on my own (which I always have to). Being Scottish, I want value for money 😉 and to be treated with honesty, which is why I work hard to give you a fair product at a fair price.

I value all my guests (to the moon and back) and I want each and every person to feel valued too. Having looked at my wonderful guest booking data over the years, I can count some people coming back more than 15 times! That is absolutely amazing, and also humbling, as it is rare for a holiday cottage company to benefit from such a high degree of loyalty.

Fair Price. Fair Product

It’s important to me that you know exactly what you are getting when you book a Pack holiday. ‘Fair price for a fair product’ is my mantra, along with ‘Managing Guest Expectations’.

You may have heard of Dynamic Pricing (or time-based pricing) which is a method of inflating prices hugely high, then dropping them low when demand is slow, or if it’s a last-minute availability. In my opinion, that is hugely unfair to those people who plan ahead and book cottages well in advance. The prices we offer at Pack Holidays do not fluctuate according to the UK market – this type of practice does not value our wonderful loyal customers in any way and unlike a vast number of letting agencies, I do not, and will not participate in this method.

I don’t compromise on quality, but I am very conscious that our wonderful guests may require a range of options, from ‘no frills’ pocket-friendly right up to the more luxury cottages. Each cottage is carefully managed in respect of pricing to ensure I have a choice exactly for
your purse, your purpose and your dog’s needs.
The hire price of each cottage is assessed every year to ensure that we remain competitive.

New to Pack Holidays?

I don’t, like some other holiday providers, charge exorbitant prices just because you’re a first-time guest, nor offer what looks like a great deal, that is actually based on an unfairly inflated price. We treat everyone equally, and value guest loyalty and so want to build a good relationship with you from the start.

Rewarding Loyalty

One thing that does set us very much apart from the rest, is our commitment to rewarding guest loyalty. You will find that nearly all Pack Holidays cottages will offer extras to returning guests, such as a repeat bookers discount or a multi week discount.

Regardless of whether you are a new guest, or an established member of the Pack family, we really do go the extra mile to ensure that you have a memorable stay. every time.
From complimentary welcome packs to personalized recommendations, we truly know how to make all of our customers feel valued.

No ‘Secret’ Discounts

Our Fair Price policy is also a matter of transparency. This means that you won’t find any sudden price drops / Sunday saver vouchers / subscriber discounts, etc, that you have to be ‘in the know’ or in the ‘right place at the right time’ to get. Where we offer you a discount, be it Returners / Fortnight’s booking / Single Traveller, etc, it is based on a fair and published price which isn’t manipulated to make the offer appear more generous. And of course, we do have genuine late availability discounts from time-to-time, available to everyone, as no cottage owner likes to see their property empty when someone could be enjoying a well-deserved break

The Three Ps (that’s our ‘Pack Price Promise’)

Our commitment to providing a fair product at a fair price, with complete transparency, ensures that you get absolutely the best value for your money, every time. All delivered with outstanding service by someone with detailed knowledge of every single cottage that we manage.

So, instead of chasing after fleeting discounts on inflated prices, why not choose a company that prioritises your overall experience and treats all their guests equally and with respect?
If you’re ready for a holiday booking experience like no other, head over to have a look at our wonderfully dog welcoming cottages and discover the world of fair pricing and exceptional ervice served with a genuinely warm welcome for both you and your dogs. Or as we like to say, come join the Pack Family 🙂 🙂