One for All and All For One!

 Welcome to Pack Holidays.  My main aim is to make sure you and your dogs have THE BEST time ever on your dog welcoming holiday.

I also have lots of other aims, and my biggest one (after the dogs!) is about you and your dogs feeling as welcome as possible.

Whatever your needs or requirements are, please do let me know and I will do my absolute best to help you.

Whether you need advice on the best cottage for your needs (for example avoiding steep stairs), whether you need a very quiet and peaceful cottage for someone in your group,  if you have specific dietary requirements due to an allergy or lifestyle choice, or whether it’s advice and support based on your dogs needs, that’s all absolutely fine and I will do my best to help you


I want every person (and every dog!) to feel absolutely welcomed, valued and respected.  As a plant-based hooman bean ( 😉 ) I know that going away on holiday can create a degree of extra planning for me, and I would like to help make your Pack Holiday the best holiday ever, so please do let me know what you need.


I know that it can be difficult to find a cottage that will welcome 5 + dogs.  I have a number of choices of cottages that welcome unlimited dogs (free of charge) and I will always give you advice and support on the best cottages for your dogs’ needs


We have all experienced a tough time recently in respect of finance and rising costs.  Each week, I publish offers and discounts on selected holidays to help you find that perfect holiday.  You can pay your balance in instalment payments too, to help spread the cost a bit better.


I’d like to reassure you I know all about every single cottage, how wide staircases are, what accessibility each has, how the cottages are laid out, all about the local area (including access friendly and dementia friendly walks (which you will find in your Guest Login), useful parking, pet suppliers, EV charging points, access friendly boat trips etc, so please do call / message me for any help with anything you need