We do like to consider ourselves very welcoming, a true #PackFamily, a group of lovely people welcoming wonderful and lovely people on holiday with their dogs. And I (and our lovely owners) make super friends every week, welcoming our wonderful guests.

So I thought it might be nice to introduce our fabulous owners to you!

Here is a little interview that Morgan and Joe, with Maverick and Orla (from gorgeous Snowdrop Cottage in Winterton on Sea) did recently 🙂 Me asking all those questions, and lovely Morgan answering so positively and kindly. And we thought we could share this with you so you could get to know our wonderful owners!

Q: So Morgan, would you be happy to share your story?

Joe and I have been together for 10 years and always wanted to make an investment in both our future and our happiness and purchasing Snowdrop Cottage was the perfect way to combine the two!

Q: Could you share a little bit about you?

We live in the midlands and have two dogs. One Beagle aged 10, called Maverick, and one Spaniel, aged 7, called Orla. We both work in Engineering and love travelling the world. We have visited many amazing places such as Bali, Dubai, America and taken a Safari in the Masai Mara but we always return to Winterton as it’s perfect for our dogs.

Q: What attracted you to your cottage.

I (Morgan) never really believed in fate but I think we need to now! We had spoken with a few cottage management companies and had asked Gail to let us know if she ever had any owners wanting to sell on and gave her a list of what we were looking for and within a few hours she had called to say that Snowdrop was going up for sale, and it was exactly what we wanted! When we came to view we opened the guest book to find our best friends had stopped at and there were lots of little similarities with our own home so we knew it was for us! I’d also had it on our shortlist of cottages to try in the area previously. It had a great reputation and it was very encouraging to see all the 5* reviews from former guests.

Q: Why is was the perfect one for you (and your dogs?

When we were looking for a cottage, we wanted to find something in Winterton ideally, we knew with our budget we were looking at two or three bedrooms, must have a secure garden, as close to the beach as possible and must be cosy and inviting. It was in our perfect location and the kind of age property we love.

Q: What changes have you made to Snowdrop Cottage?

We were quite lucky as Snowdrop has been a Pack Holidays cottage for years so it didn’t need a lot doing to it, however we have done a few things to make it our own. We have added some new bits in the kitchen just to freshen up, we’ve added BT TV and Netflix, and most importantly added some little extras to make it more inclusive for dogs with any additional needs.

Q: Why its a perfect dog welcoming cottage?

One of our dogs is getting older and is reactive to other dogs, which has prompted us to think about how we can make Snowdrop inclusive to all dogs. To do this we have put in a memory foam dog bed, provided an 8m biothane long line to allow them to roam with some security, bought non slip carpet runners to cover the vinyl flooring if needed, and we provide a brand new Innopet Sporty EVR dog buggy to allow less mobile dogs to enjoy their adventures too! (suitable for anything up to medium dogs). The garden is secure with 5ft fences and gates all around and we are less than 100 steps from the dunes and only a few more to the beach! We feel totally secure and safe at the cottage, no chance of seeing other dogs through a gap in the fence or passers by out of the window which makes everything more relaxing. There are no dog restrictions and they can even sleep with you if that’s what you usually do at home (you will need to bring your own bedding for this).

Q: What do you love about Snowdrop Cottage?

We don’t really venture out and about! We tend to use our holidays as a way to hide away. We have an early morning walk, come back for a nice big breakfast, enjoy our books, tv and some games and have another few walks with lots of good food and drink to go along with it. Our dog’s favourite place is Winterton Dunes so we don’t feel the need to explore much further. The cottage has everything we need to do this, comfy sofas, a log fire and a smart tv. It’s close to the dunes, has easy access to the beach to avoid bumping into other dogs and has a hose in the courtyard to clean the dogs off after a walk.

Q: What you like to do when you are there (out and round about)?

We have now started to explore Norfolk’s food scene, visiting cafes! I love photography so often venture out with my DSLR to take photos of the seals or the dogs and Joe and Orla love an early morning walk through the dunes. Maverick enjoys snoring in front of the fire after rolling in something stinky on the beach!

Q: What are the downsides??

We both work full time and have no option of remote working so we don’t get to visit as often as we would like but it does mean we get to share it with all our lovely guests when we can’t be there!