To celebrate 5 years of #packholidays the #packteam asked you what you would like to know about Gail. Here’s her answers! What is her favourite breed of dog?

Ah now that has to be a Border Collie, no question x

Is Gail from Norfolk?

No, I’m from Perth in Scotland and been here in Norfolk since 2005

What is her favourite place you rent out and why?

Oh good question. I love Oak Cottage in Happisburgh as it welcomes unlimited dogs and I love the style that Frazer and Frankie the owners have with the interior. But I love Snowdrop Cottage in Winterton too. Diane our lovely owner has made it such a warm and welcoming place. I love them all really though. Each one has its own charm and is different for all sorts of gorgeous reasons

What are your dogs ?

Skye, the 13 year old retriever, Dara the 5 year old Border Collie and Ben the Baddie the three legged 4 year old collie. Both boys are rescues.

Do you still enjoy being the headhoncho now your empire is so big & continually expanding?

Oh my yes! I LOVE my job! But that’s the secret, eh? Loving what we do and ALL the lovely people around us. So many lovely things to look forward to as well

What’s the secret to always being so cheery and helpful? 🥰

LOL. No secret…didn’t anyone tell you I was a numptie? Seriously, life is what we make it…..make it cheery and nice and that follows you through life 🙂

How did it turnout you moved from Scotland to Norfolk?

All work related I’m afraid – I moved due to a job relocation, left that job, did two more, then the rest is history!

Did you find any potential Pack Holiday accommodation in Scotland?

Not yet….working on that and I have two trips coming up soon. It’s very exciting and I am really looking forward to having some Scottish and North West properties

When will you look at branching out to other parts of UK??

I am looking at Scotland and North West just now so if they bed down nicely, I will move on to others…

What areas would you like?

Places that would be best for multi dog friendly hols….where would you like?

What’s her ideal holiday destination?

Oh difficult one! Got to be something I haven’t ever done before. I’d love to do the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage walk. Shove a backpack on, throw the shorts on, pair of walking boots and off we go!

Do you realise how great you are and the difference that you make to us doggie owners?

Awh! That is just gorgeous! So so lovely, thank you! But never resting on my laurels though. Question back….what else can we do to make a better difference?

What made her want to start Pack Holidays in Norfolk? 😘

Well, that’s down to the lovely Sue at ERC who suggested it to me in 2016. And again, the rest is history!

Question other than walking your dogs what’s the next best thing you like doing 😉. Can be saucy lol

Oh I wish it was saucy 😉 I have recently had a fair turnaround in personal circumstances as I am now separated and living life a little differently (and now back on track after some health issues). I like trying new and different things every so often. I’ve found that I LOVE a roadtrip. Just great fun jumping in my wee van and heading off. Lovely!