We don’t just recommend local dog friendly establishments here at Pack Holidays, we try and test them out!  And our guests do too!

Martham Ferry Boat Yard has come highly recommended by our lovely guests.  Not just for the fabulous experience they have had on the Broads but the stunningly wonderful dog friendly welcome they received. 

One of our most recent guests who tried it out, went with 6 dogs and got life jackets for all

So read on to find a bit more about it!

Welcome to Martham Ferry Boat Yard, where dog owners are treated to a warm welcome alongside their furry companions. With their unique and dog-friendly approach, they have established themselves as a haven for pet lovers seeking a tranquil day out on the water.

At Martham Ferry, they understand that dogs are part of the family, and that’s why they embrace our dog visitors.

It’s situated a very quiet part of the broads, and on your boat journey, you can experience all sorts of wildlife and sights of nature.

The boats are electric and therefore are very quiet, for those dogs who might be noise-reactive (solar powered).

Experience a serene day on the Norfolk Broads, in a tranquil and secluded area. Immerse yourself in nature as you navigate through the waterways, encountering abundant wildlife along the way. Martham Ferry’s electric boats, powered by solar energy, offer a peaceful and environmentally friendly journey. Enjoy the comforts of a heated cabin, equipped with amenities such as a toilet, kettle, and a sink with running water their picnic boats, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free excursion. Explore the beauty of the Broads in a quiet and eco-friendly manner, creating lasting memories amidst the picturesque surroundings.How fabulous!

Importance of being dog-friendly

Being a dog-friendly establishment is more than just a trend; it’s a reflection of our values and understanding of the bond between humans and their furry companions. Dogs provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and joy, and it’s only natural that we extend the same warmth and hospitality to them.

A dog-friendly boat yard like Martham Ferry recognizes the importance of including dogs in our guests’ experiences. We believe that a holiday is truly complete when everyone, including our dogs, can enjoy it to the fullest. By catering to the needs of both humans and dogs, they create a welcoming and inclusive environment that sets them apart from other boat yards.

Dog-friendly activities and attractions in the area

Martham Ferry Boat Yard is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Norfolk Broads, offering a plethora of dog-friendly activities and attractions for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

.One of the highlights of the area is the scenic trails that wind through picturesque countryside and along the Broads. These paths provide the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to immerse yourselves in nature and take in the stunning views.

Do take a boat trip, allowing your dog to experience the unique sensation of being on the water.

If you’re looking for a bit of history and culture, you can explore the nearby villages and towns, many of which welcome dogs. From charming pubs to quaint shops and cafes, there’s plenty to see and do while enjoying the company of your furry companion.

Customer testimonials and experiences with dogs at Martham Ferry Boat Yard

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the joy of a dog-friendly stay at Martham Ferry Boat Yard. Here are just a few testimonials from dog owners who have enjoyed their time with us:

  • “Martham Ferry Boat Yard exceeded our expectations in terms of dog-friendliness. From the moment we arrived, our dog was treated like a VIP. The staff were incredibly welcoming, and the dog-walking areas were well-maintained. We will definitely be coming back!” – Sarah, dog owner.
  • “We were hesitant to bring our dog on vacation, but Martham Ferry Boat Yard made it so easy and enjoyable. Our dog loved the open spaces and scenic walks, and we felt at ease knowing that she was welcome everywhere we went. Highly recommend for dog owners!” – Mark, dog owner.

How Martham Ferry Boat Yard promotes its dog-friendly policy

At Martham Ferry Boat Yard, they take pride in our dog-friendly policy and make it known to our guests. We actively promote our dog-friendly facilities and activities through various channels, including our website, social media, and online travel platforms.

We highlight our dog-friendly accommodations, showcasing the comfort and amenities available for both humans and dogs. We also emphasize the scenic surroundings and dog-friendly attractions in the area, encouraging dog owners to choose Martham Ferry Boat Yard for their next vacation.

Additionally, they actively engage with guests through social media, sharing photos and stories of happy dogs enjoying their stay. This helps create a sense of community and builds trust among potential guests who are looking for a dog-friendly getaway.

Tips for traveling with dogs on a boat

Traveling with dogs on a boat can be a unique and rewarding experience, but it also requires some preparation and consideration. Here are a few tips to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable for both you and your dog:

  1. Familiarize your dog with the boat: Gradually introduce your dog to the boat before your trip. Allow them to explore and get comfortable with the surroundings to minimize any anxiety.
  2. Pack essentials: Bring along all the necessary supplies for your dog, including food, water, bedding, toys, and any medications they may need. Don’t worry about the life jackets!  Martham Ferry Boat Yard supply them for you
  3. Plan for breaks and exercise: Dogs need regular breaks and exercise, even on a boat. Plan for stops where your dog can stretch their legs and relieve themselves. Remember to clean up after your pet to maintain a clean and respectful environment.
  4. Consider your dog’s temperament: Some dogs may feel more comfortable on a boat than others. If your dog is anxious or prone to motion sickness, consult with your veterinarian for advice on how to make the journey more comfortable for them.


Martham Ferry Boat Yard is proud to be a dog-friendly establishment that understands the importance of including our dogs on a holiday experience. With their unique facilities, welcoming staff, and scenic surroundings, they offer a haven for dog owners seeking a tranquil getaway by the water.

By embracing a dog-friendly approach, they create a space where dogs are not just tolerated, but truly cherished.

So, pack your bags and bring your furry friend along for a dog-friendly day out like no other. At Martham Ferry Boat Yard, they look forward to welcoming you and your beloved pet to our little slice of paradise on the Norfolk Broads.