You know me well! I’m always looking to make sure every person (and every dogs’) needs are catered for.

And trying to find ways to ensure all our dogs are catered for at Pack Holidays, led me to meet an amazing couple, Steve and Christina, who are wonderful people. I’d like to introduce you to them here, let them tell you their story and where it has led them to now. My three (Dara, Ben The Baddie and Skye are chomping down their Dogood meals regularly now and loving it! I’ll be sharing some pictures of them shortly)

And in the spirit of being inclusive, if you would like to order any of Dogood food products, please do let me know. I’ll be adding it to the website shortly and you can order Dogood food for delivery for your Pack Holiday! In the meantime, if you want to order before I get that up and running, do pop me a wee email and I will get that sorted for you (

DoGood was founded by Steve & Christina, and our two beagles Bella & Watson! Our story began while living in Cambodia – where dogs are considered food, not pets.  We regularly saw dogs slumped in cages in the 35C heat being sold for dog meat at the markets. After adopting Bella & Watson, it was heartbreaking for us to have to walk them past the spit-roasted dog meat stall at the end of our road every day. This started us questioning if eating dog meat is so unthinkable to us, then why do we eat other animals?  And why do we feed our dogs the meat of other animals too?  

Because there wasn’t really such a thing as commercial dog food in Cambodia, we quickly discovered how to make nutritious dog food & treats ourselves – and even learned how to create super effective treatments for ticks and creepy crawlies you find on your dog in a tropical climate! We soon realised the power of natural, whole-food ingredients.  We quickly became plant-based eaters ourselves and after much research, we learned that dogs are also able to thrive on a plant-based diet like us – so this is what we fed them.

On returning to the UK with our beloved beagles, we explored the options available to feed our dogs – and we were really unhappy to learn what went into commercial dog food. We found out the ingredients lists mention unknowns such as “meat and animal derivatives”, which can include things like blood, bone, feathers, embryos and semen. We discovered that ingredients are processed mechanically at high temperatures meaning many nutrients are destroyed in the process, and artificial preservatives are added to provide a long shelf life. We were not convinced this would allow our dogs to remain healthy and thrive. It became clear to us that while we are aware of how our own food choices affect our health, the environment, and the lives of other animals – this was still totally overlooked when it came to feeding our companion animals.

And so, DoGood was born. Working with top canine nutritionists (and a Michelin star chef!), we developed recipes that combine locally sourced, organic plant-based ingredients to provide nutritionally complete meals which nourish our dogs without harming the planet or other animals. Bella & Watson are now thriving in the UK, happier and healthier than ever on their whole foods plant-based diet.

We are now on a mission to build a sustainable future for our pups & planet.  Our ambition is to sustainably nourish all of the dogs in the UK, one plant-based bowl at a time.

All of our recipes are nutritionally complete & balanced, made using a unique combination of plant-powered proteins and organic, whole-food ingredients which nourish your dog without harming the planet or other animals.

We are big believers in the power of fresh, locally sourced ingredients – which is why our chefs cook all our recipes by hand in a commercial kitchen, rather than process them mechanically at a factory.  

We’ve thought of every detail to be as sustainable as possible – from our trays made from sugarcane pulp which would otherwise be burnt, saving CO2, to our ice packs made from plastic recovered from the ocean and our insultation made from denim offcuts upcycled from the fashion industry.  We even use paper tape to seal our boxes, after finding out that a box covered in plastic tape often can’t or wont be recycled!

If you’re not ready to feel your dog fully plant-based yet, simply mix it half and half with their existing food, use it as a topper on dry food, or team up with them for Meat-Free Mondays to lower their carbon pawprint!