Ooooh! I’m so excited about our new look website. And more updates and changes may be happening just to make your experience even better. Do let me know of anything you would like to see – You know I’m always here to have a chat! Here are some upgrades we have made recently:

How to filter searches on Pack Holidays website

On our lovely new website, we have a brand new function for searching for your perfect cottage!  Head along to our Holiday Cottages page  and look to the left of the page where you can see a heading that says ‘Property Options’.  Look below that to find all the options you can search from, from Location, Beds, Sleeps (how many people), Dogs (where you can select 1 to unlimited, plus those cottages that welcome more by arrangement), Reactive Friendly rating, Garden type and Hot Tub.  

Click on the filters you want to search by and ‘Voila’ your chosen selection is shown

We will have more filters being added of course, but what would you like to search on?


Pack Holidays Trustpilot reviews

There are so many places to review your experience of a local business isnt there?  There is social media (lots of platforms!), Google, the website itself and other helpful places such as The Good Dog Guide and Dog Friendly UK.   I have pulled together our Google reviews and our Facebook reviews so you can see at a glance how many we have, what their ratings are and hopefully this should give you a really good idea of what our lovely guests have experienced at their chosen cottage.  To see the TrustPilot reviews in one, go to and you will see a little box showing you our current review total (389 at the moment) and a 5 star rating for them.

If you click on that box, it takes you down to the bottom of the screen and you can see a scrolling list of guest reviews and where they were posted.   I really hope you find this useful when booking your next Dog Friendly Cottage with Pack Holidays

But that’s not all, we also have individual cottage reviews on each page, and we will be explaining that in a separate post 🙂


Pack Holidays Reactive Friendly at Your FingerTips

Have you got a reactive dog?  A bit scared?  Perhaps a little worried about noise, or people or traffic?  We have hopefully made it easier for you to select your cottage by Reactive Friendly rating.  You can now search for Reactive Friendly rated cottages on the cottages page and use the Reactive Friendly drop down list to select 1, 2 or 3 Star reactive friendly cottages (3 star being the top rated).  You can also use this in conjunction with any of the other filters to search more specifically too!

All the details of why each cottage has that rating is fully explained on each cottage page so you can read a little more in detail about why they have been given their rating


Cottage Prices ‘from’

We have added a ‘Price Per Night’ on each cottage to give you a flavour of cost for your holiday.  Our minimum stay is usually 3 nights and the price per night doesnt include any special offers so you might get a lovely surprise when booking a holiday to find you might have a little special offer or discount at the end!

(Details on special offers in another post).  Is there anything else that would help you here?


Our Additional Information Section

We have improved (hopefully) the information you might want to see ‘at a glance’.  When you go onto your chosen cottage page, there is a section on the left (just below the Reactive Friendly rating wording and the pictures) detailing some useful snapshot information.   For example, it highlights the number of beds, how many people it sleeps, how many dogs (and if flexible), parking, reactive friendly rating, garden information and bathrooms.  

This is something we are working on, so if you have any features you would like added here that would help you see what you want at a glance, then do shout and let me know – We are all ears (big waggly hairy ones 😉 )


Where to Find Special Offers / Discounts and Our Blog!

Now I’m testing you here!  😉  We have a lovely Blog page (which you can comment on too on each post which is hugely welcome of course!)  Here is our Blog page and Mailing List box (where you can sign up to our mailing list for special offers and discounts and new cottages).  You can find our Blog link at the bottom of our main page.  But keep your eyes peeled because we’re going to make it all a bit more accessible soon!


What Have You Asked For?

On our old website, we had a full availability calendar.  And since we have set our new website up, I’ve already had some feedback that our lovely big calendar has been much missed.   It is the lovely one that shows all cottages by month so you can see whats available for the dates you are looking for.But fear not, it is still here 

  We are doing a bit of work behind the scenes to make it clickable from other pages, for you


Pack Holidays Contact information 

We’ve made getting in touch a wee bit easier for you.  If you want to email me or phone me directly from your phone, just click the phone number or the email address and boom, that’s it done!  No more having to copy and paste or keep all that info in your head and re-type it!!

The email and phone numbers are at the top of every page so nice and easy to find


And on our contact form too (above)


And at the bottom of our front page too

Cottage Ratings

All our cottages have star guest ratings now (from 1 to 5 stars).  And those ratings are based solely on past guest experience and feedback.  To have a look at the overall cottage ratings, you can view them from the cottages page and scroll through. 


The reason they have their ratings is due to each individual guest feedback (and those guest feedback comments and ratings detail can be found on each individual cottage page in the Reviews section.  There will be some cottages without reviews yet (those are the very new cottages who have just come on board and our lovely guests have yet to visit)

To read through the reviews, click on a cottage and scroll down the page till you get to the Description of the Cottage


There is a little tab with ‘Reviews’ next to the Description tab.  Click on it and you can read through all our lovely past guest reviews about the cottage.


You will no doubt spot a little date error with some of them.  I copied them all across from our old website (and still havent managed to work out how to change the dates!!!)

Scroll down to see the newest review (but we are working on making the newest to the top of the list!)