How Can We Help Make Sure Your Dog Settles Into Their Pack Holiday

We are always here to help and we put every effort into making sure that your Pack Holiday is perfect for you and your dogs.   We provide as much information about each holiday cottage as we can, with details of security on each cottage page, dog friendly Pack Holidays Reactive Ratings and little extras at each cottage to make your stay as welcome as possible.

Dogs are allowed throughout the cottage (of course) and if you want to bring your own linen for your bed, if your dog likes to sleep on / in your bed, that’s absolutely fine.  Just let me know so I can advise our lovely housekeepers that you will be bringing your own linen

But I have some tips for you, especially if this is a first time Pack Holiday for you

  1. Ask me anything
  2. Check the website page for your chosen cottage
  3. Check the reactive rating
  4. Read the Guest Login for helpful information
  5. Use our Pack Hols Chat Group
  6. Check the parking / dog exit when getting to your cottage
  7. Check the garden boundary and fencing when you arrive

Ask me anything

I’m always here to help.  I know all the cottages, how secure they are, what the layout is, how steep stairs are, whether it’s a quiet area, how far it is to the beach etc.  Anything that you need to know to help your dog settle in, I’m sure I will know.  If I don’t (as I am sure there are some questions I haven’t yet been asked!) then do ask!  I’m really delighted to help you

Check the website page for your chosen cottage

We have (hopefully) added everything you need into each cottage information pack on the website.  This includes the number of dogs allowed, cottage layout, Reactive Friendly rating, details of local area, a map of where the cottage is situated, items that are available (either on site or for me to deliver to you) that make your stay easier and much more.   When we have more information to add about the area, or the cottage, or something is upgraded, then we make sure that is added to the website as soon as we can.

If you haven’t yet chosen your cottage, please do use the search filters on the website.   We have searches by Reactive Ratings and Number of Dogs (some are very flexible)

Please also check the reviews given by our previous guests for the cottage, you can often find useful information about their stay, how they settled in and what they enjoyed.  You can find further reviews on our Facebook page, Google Business page, Dog Friendly UK and The Good Dog Guide

Check The Reactive Rating

We have individually assessed each cottage (with help from our visiting guests) to ascertain some key criteria to set the Reactive Ratings.  Some guidelines for this are – height and security of fencing / boundaries, proximity of cars and people, location, bird scarers (when a cottage is near a field), neighbourhood and surrounding houses.  We regularly review this and if anything changes, details are added to the reactive rating

Read the Guest Login for helpful information

Our Guest Logins have very useful local information including dog friendly beaches, local dog friendly eating and drinking establishments, secure dog fields, dog sitting contacts, dog friendly boat trips, local pet supplies and raw food suppliers, useful telephone numbers.  Details of access to the cottage are also in there as well as your emailed arrival information.  The Guest Login can be accessed on your phone so means you can look for helpful information when you are on the move or out and about on your Pack Holiday. You will be given a link in my communication emails when you book your Pack Holiday.

We try to keep this information as up to date as possible as things do change (new places to try for example) so its a useful tool for your dog friendly holiday

Use Our Pack Holiday Chat Group

We have a lovely chat group attached to our Facebook page.  Please do join it!!

This is for our lovely new guests and regulars where you can see information about cottages, reviews, experiences, photos and lots and lots of questions from guests who have been on their dog friendly holiday.  Its a perfect place to ask any questions about a cottage and get first hand experiences and responses from guests who have stayed there.  Do join our #PackChat!

Check The Parking / Dog Exit When You Get To Your Cottage

Quite a number of the cottages have secure parking, meaning when you shut the gate of the cottage boundary, dogs are fine to jump out of the car to explore the garden.  Some don’t have a boundary so please do check the information on the website and when you arrive, check before letting your dog out of the car.

Check the boundary / fencing when you arrive

We are very clear about information on garden security, but I am also very conscious that our cottages are very busy.  Our gardeners and cleaning team do check as much as they can regularly for any damages / previous small digger / Alcatraz escapee damage.  This can sometimes be difficult to spot or if I haven’t been informed by a previous guest of an escapee or if its so tiny for a gardener to spot.

Please do check around the cottage garden boundaries and fencing when you arrive to make sure you are satisfied that it meets your needs and if you have any queries or issues at all, please dont hesitate to let me know 

Finally, do remember when out on local walks on bridle paths, to keep to the designated areas.  Local farmers do not usually allow walkers / dog walkers to walk across fields but do have signed and designated paths to allow us to roam as many miles as we can.  Similarly, when on the beach, there are dog restrictions in summer at certain (higher populated) beaches, so do read the information in the Guest Login regarding dog restrictions in the summer

Hopefully thats a few tips for you to make sure that you have your best dog welcoming and dog friendly holiday!

And if you would like more information, advice or anything at all do pop me a note ( or call me 079353 75899