What Our Dogs Get Up To….

You heard it right here!  Dogs are NEVER naughty!!!  (Or are they?)

We asked our fab, groovy and wonderful guests what their dogs got up to, what the naughtiest thing they could remember they did and what the outcome was…..I blame the owners 😉 😉

We love our wonderful dogs here at Pack Holidays and love hearing about what they get up to, either at home or on their dog friendly holidays.

Read on for some funny tales…and all true!!!!

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Sarah said:

‘’Walking along the riverbank one evening, Jack sauntered by some fishermen, nodded at them in a “alright lads?” kind of manner, stuck his head in a bucket and then ran off with a huge fish. The fish was bigger than him. That was one of the times I pretended he wasn’t my dog.

Awh Jack, you are a legend in your own lifetime!   What a lad!!  Are you going to tell tall tales about the size of that fish?

Judith said:

‘’Our first Staffie Spike was about a year old when I had to go for an interview at a very old hospital with extensive grounds.

Thinking how he would love a good run in said grounds I took him with me.  He had a great time for about an hour chasing squirrels and generally being wild.

I settled him back in the car feeling chilled and ready for my interview, I returned about 20 minutes later to find the back of the driver’s seat completely shredded down to the metal frame and Spike on the back seat surrounded by pieces of sponge and material.

Fortunately, the Hubster saw the funny side (it was his dog, my girl would never have done that) and we knew someone who could fix it.

I didn’t get the job either, but Spike had a great time.

Spike, you were only rearranging the ‘car furniture, weren’t you? 😀 😀

Jacqui said:

‘’The only thing Barnabas (when he was a puppy) has ever stolen was a garlic baguette resting on the grill door after coming out of the oven. Either it tasted disgusting or was too hot and burnt his mouth as he’s never stolen any food since.’’

Barnabas – butter wouldn’t melt in that gorgeous mouth! 😀

Twiggy said:

‘’My terrier disappeared in the park – she suddenly appeared running at full speed from the cafe with a huge baguette in her mouth with the lettuce flying out of it as she ran towards me with a look that clearly said ‘ I’ve got it, now run mum!’’

Not a fan of salad that wee lass! 😀 😀

Claire said:

‘’This time last year, our border collie pup, 6 months old, decided we didn’t need the Steve Mann ‘Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy’ training book, think he thought he knew better…….’’

And quite right too.  Smartest dogs ever!  Gorgeous soul!

Cathy said:

‘’Our first Giant Schnauzer pinched a sausage off the edge of the BBQ on holiday in Devon, as my other half shouted that dinner was ready!

Lesson learnt, never turn away from a BBQ when there’s a dog around ’’

There’s always a hairy, sneaky thieft about!! 😀 😀

Tracy said:

‘’My late girl Sally destroyed so many things when she was young, we could have bought a race horse with the money we used to replace things!

Her piece de resistance was:

I arrived home from work one afternoon to find Sally had chewed up what the postie had popped through our letter box.

My heart sank as as inspected the remnants of her jolly game.

5 renewal family passports for our long awaited holiday abroad lay amongst the debris like a rubbish jigsaw puzzle …..

She was one of our first dogs & we soon learned by our mistakes to dog proof the house in future’’

Awh wee soul – she must have thoought if she destroyed the passports you could take her on a Pack Holiday 😀 😀

Bev said:

‘’Ours are partial to opening the post

Ooooooh now that is a pile of good work!! 😀 😀

Sal said:

‘’My Scoo was a cheeky chappie and once on the beach We were swimming with him and then he left us and was just running around on the beach He nicked my friends jeans and ran full pelt across the beach , knowing we were in the sea and could not get to him – he then got cocky and dragged them along the sea so not only were they sandy they were soaking wet too’’

Naughty but gorgeous boy!  And what a great pose

Hayley said:

‘’Not sure it’s naughty but mine found 2 pheasants & a dead rabbit on a beach. I mean, since when do pheasants & rabbits hang out at the beach?!’’

What a dinner those pheasants and rabbit provided though, eh?

Roz said:

‘’I was doing an agility demo years ago with one of our then set of dogs Winston. It was being televised and we were representing our dog training classes Pads Dog Training.

Well, it was my turn to do my run. We got almost round the course, with the cameraman in hot pursuit. We went past someone holding an ice cream. Winston sniffed, doubled back, snatched the ice cream from the person and continued the course with it. Eating it when we had finished.

It caused great hilarity in the audience and a bit of embarrassment for me 

Now that’s what you call an agility star!  Opportunity taken and head STILL in the game! 😊

Jill said:

‘’Riley one of the “angelic” poop surfing Herbert Hounds.  Riley has been honing his craft as a cobbler since he joined us.  He practises his talent at every opportunity, and I think you’ll agree, he is very adept at his chosen craft.  We’re just waiting for the BBC’s “Repair Shop” to contact him to join their team of experts!!

Two of my favourites were modifying my leather, sheepskin lined Hunter’s, well just the one, into a clog and my faithful sheepskin slippers, again just the one, into a rather fetching peep toe summer version – so talented 

So, not naughty …. Little shite, but I wouldn’t have him or any of them any differently.  

Neither would we Jill.  Having met the gorgeous souls, they are pure gorgeousness! 😊 😊

Nicola said

Our dog Thor (Cocker Spaniel) can’t jump out of the boot of our car without help. When we were on our Pack Holiday we parked up at The Pigs in Aylsham and as I was getting his sister out he managed to jump out. I screamed and ran after him as it’s a nasty road close by but he was actually legging it into the pub after the pork! Luckily despite a great effort, with us chasing him around the pub like a Benny Hill sketch, he didn’t get anybody’s dinner 

Oooooooh but what a prize to get a bit of pork!

And there we have it. We wouldn’t have them any other way, would we?

Much love