So here we are, mid-way through a current lockdown, with possibly more weeks to tag onto the end.

BUT, it won’t last forever and we are sitting waiting patiently here for you when it’s safe, well and right to come back on your holiday.

So whilst you are waiting, here’s a few things to tell you – about us here at Pack Holidays and about our area of Norfolk……..just in case you didn’t know!!

  1. Pack Holidays is ALL about ‘bringing your pack with you’ Whether you have one pet or 20 (or more), it doesn’t really matter to us. What matters is that I will find the right cottage/house for you and your pets to enjoy a relaxing, welcoming break away in Norfolk. Our aim is to make you feel welcome, whether you have two legs or four!
  2. We don’t practice breed or size discrimination and we don’t charge for dogs.
  3. We know all the houses intimately, from size of fence/boundary to the size of the freezer (important if you raw feed!)
  4. We don’t have daft doggy rules, we are all dog owners so we know what our dogs want.
  5. We try to provide what you might need for your dogs – throws, bowls, treats, poo bags etc. All those things that you look for when you arrive on holiday
  6. We know the area! Of course. And we know what’s on and when. Local knowledge is a very useful thing indeed.
  7. We take responsibility. If something isn’t right, we will put it right!

What To Do In Norfolk?

It’s pretty all about the outdoors isn’t it? Beach, Broad and countryside. And we have no end of all of that here. Remote cottages, secure gardens, nearby stretches of sandy beach, Weavers Way, Bacton Woods, Sheringham Park, Blicking Estate, Felbrigg Estate, Staithe Walks, Broads walks, its all there waiting for you.

Here are some of my favourite beaches:

Cart Gap: Good parking facilities, and a short walk down the ramp to this sandy beach. Turn left to walk to Happisburgh and right to Sea Palling. Generally a quiet beach, where you can find locals and local dogs.

Horsey Beach: A little further up, just past Sea Palling. Wild and free it is. Good parking at Horsey car park and Poppylands for a bit of tea and refreshment. And of course, Crincle Cottage is a 15 min walk to Crincle Gap.

Bacton Beach: Yes, Bacton is fabulous. There is a pay-car-park on the outskirts of Bacton and a nice slip walk down to the wide and sandy beach there. Generally very quiet and a lovely one to walk on

I could go on forever but I best not……I might just bore you! What’s your favourite beach here in Norfolk? Go on, you must have loads!!!