I am hoping that everyone is safe and well.  I really do miss all our guests and visitors and am looking forward to a time we can all enjoy dog friendly holidays in this gorgeous part of the country.  I have spent some time looking back at some pictures and videos that our wonderful guests have sent in from time to time and it never fails to leave a wee smile on my face.

We have a bit of time before we can get back to enjoying a Pack Holiday and until then we are all doing our bit to #stayhome, #savelives and #protecttheNHS.

We have also been doing all we can to help.  I have given Oak Cottage in East Ruston free of charge to James Pagett Hospital in Great Yarmouth.   They are using it for JPH staff who are working there to stay safe, well and close to work.  I have done this for free (of course!)   It is good to help and good to make a positive difference.  A number of my owners have also offered up their cottages so I am popping theirs on the list too, to help as and when the hospitals want us to.

I’ve also signed up as an NHS Responder and been in touch with our local surgery to ask if I can help deliver medication locally in our village.  I’ve written to our local council to find out if there is anything I can help with, as an established business, whether it is delivering items, doing administration work or stacking shelves – I don’t mind….. It’s all about doing what we can to help.

So we see the best in people and I hope we are being the best we can be too.

It’s not without a degree of difficulty though. This week has been a bit tough on some of us owners and small agents and has resulted in me feeling a bit down.  It is an understandably worrying time for so, so many of us….. and with worry, comes fear and anger.   And we have experienced a fair degree of that this week.  We have had a few instances of social media group rants and rages locally about holiday let owners allowing people to take a holiday during a lockdown period.  These are understandable fears and worries, but the cases I have seen have been managed very badly by those raising the issues.  We had an instance of a holiday park accused of taking visitors (they weren’t, it was a lady who was checking in on them on a regular basis), a holiday owner who has been at her property for a number of weeks (having sold her home) and a rage about occupied caravans at a local pub (key workers who had been living there for months).

My most recent was another outpouring on a social media group about one of our cottages who ”has holiday guests in”.  I’m afraid I went straight to the police and council and made sure those that needed to, know about it.  We have a long term (vulnerable) guest (on her own) who has been at one of our cottages since early January and not due to leave for some time (as she is looking for a house of her own…something that won’t be possible for some time).

Such accusations have made me feel vulnerable and sad.  It also makes me feel a bit ashamed, as some of our lovely guests are members of some of those groups.  I really hope that if you have seen some of those posts, that it hasn’t affected you badly or upset you, but if it has, rest assured, I completely understand, and I am heart sorry, I truly am.

So, heads up, chests out and proud – I will keep posting my mad, bad and daft stuff on our smashing Pack Holidays facebook page, I’ll keep you updated with what’s happening here in Norfolk and I will be looking forward to welcoming you all back as soon as it is safe to do so.