So, what does dog friendly mean?  I think it probably means different things to different people.

I had a good old head scratch over it and for me, the penny dropped good and proper when we took our two dogs away on holiday this week.

I was looking for (assumed!) that dogs were welcome in every room, that they could be welcome on the sofa, in the bedroom (albeit maybe not on the bed…..or, at least not without a throw or two) and I thought I might be able to let them outside into an enclosed garden where they would be safe.  We didn’t have any of this.

The accommodation was fab, and all the family had a really nice time, but I didn’t have a cuddle with my young pup on the sofa and I couldn’t let him into the bedroom either.  I couldn’t let him out for a safe wander in the garden on his own either……

In contrast, Pack Holiday cottages ARE dog friendly.  Throws are provided, dogs are allowed in all rooms, gardens are very dog proofed and VERY safe, and four legged friends are positively welcome.

We really don’t care what breed of dog you have, how many you have, and we certainly don’t charge you for bringing them either.  They are just as important than the rest of your family, so why can’t they be treated as nicely.

We welcome multiple dogs (after all, we welcome multiple people!) and our only restriction on numbers is space, so our smaller properties may have a little more restriction than the bigger ones.  One of our cottages welcomed 16 dogs in one visit recently!  (I’ll let you guess which one!)

Some of our owners  have a special, dog-specific welcome for our poochy guests – homemade liver cake, homemade dog biscuits and homemade dog muffins, to name but a few.  In addition, we provide crates if needed, dog bedding, throws, toys, poo bags etc.

Norfolk is a pretty amazingly dog friendly county – dog friendly pubs, parks, walks, towns and cities.  Lots of local walks and woods (Weavers Way, Bacton Woods, Pigney Woods) and then there are our glorious beaches!  Miles and miles and miles of the stuff!!

So, that’s my dog-friendly.  What’s yours?

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