Why come to Norfolk on holiday?  Why indeed?  For me, its all about the dog friendliness, beaches and skies.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t an awful lot of other reasons of course, and you might have lots of your own!

The beauty about Norfolk, its dog friendly nature, its beaches and its skies, is that they are even better throughout the rest of the year.  Norfolk isn’t just for summer, its for all year!  Some of the loveliest and most memorable holidays here are either later or earlier in the year.  (Imagine cosied in with the dogs in front of a nice woodburner/fire on a dark night??  I can!)

So, let me know what your top 5 reasons for coming here are (apart from the brilliant dog-friendly accommodation of course!)

Here’s mine!

i. Huge skies

ii. Beaches

iii. Dog friendliness, everywhere you go:  Pubs, cafes etc

iv. Fabulous walking – countryside, beaches, woods, trails

v. The Broads!