Our gorgeous and wonderful guests have written about their holidays at various cottages recently, and we have gained their kind permission to share their experiences with you. Have a read through of what they got up to, and how they enjoyed their Pack Holiday

East Cottage

Having 5 dogs including one aptly named the escapology Peke, finding cottages can be difficult!!

East Cottage is definitley one of the best ones, I jumped out of the van to inspect the fencing, sighed a massive sigh of relief – a week to relax, no way was anyone escaping this week! Although the Lurcher pup did try to go through the lounge window!!
During the UK’s first red warning for heat, the large secure garden, and flat walks on the door step were such a bonus!!
There are several trees in the garden and a nesting pigeon (Penelope).
The kitchen is well stocked and the welcome basket, fantastic.
The dog walk and beach route are well maintained and pleasant and the seals line up to watch the dogs run on the beach

Fun on the beach

Oak Cottage (a dog’s eye view!)

We had a lovely holiday, couldn’t believe our luck when we saw throws on the sofas, Woohooo!!! Everybody knows pointers don’t lie on floors. We loved the garden, our humans filled the bird food up and when we were home at the cottage we watched the birds, it’s like humans watching TV to us pointers.
We went to a beach a 5 minute drive away every morning and parked at the life boat station. The beach was our bestest place to go because we had it all to ourselves 😊.
We got to go to put for good with out humans. The Star Inn we got to sit outside with the goats and ponies. The Lighthouse Inn, we got loads of gravy bones from the staff who all love dogs. There was one day our humans were worried about us because we slept all evening, exhausting life exploring Norfolk… We were fine really just recharging the doggy batteries.
We went to a place called Sea Palling and we saw these strange creatures called seals in the water, our humans snapping away with the camera whilst we watched on in awe. Best bit though we got doggy ice-cream at the amusements.
We are sad to be going home but the humans have promised to book again next year. We can’t wait.
Haribo Chompy Wispa and Chewy xxx

What a perfect pose!
Serious – Happy – Serious 😉